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Città di Moncalvo

Città di Moncalvo

Historic facts

A town with a long story

In the course of the centuries Moncalvo, of Roman origin, was property of the Church of Asti, of the Graffagni-family, of the Marquis of the Monferrato, who made it his capital, and subsequently of the Marquis of Saluzzo (1306) and afterwards once more of the dynasty Palaiologos of the Monferrato (1309).

It was occupied by foreign nations and became the last domain of the Gonzaga of Mantova, who gave it as a fief to several lords (in 1604 to Galeazzo of Canossa, in 1619 to Rolando Natta, in 1671 to Filiberto Marquis of Ceva). In 1681, the imperial troops led by Eugenio of Savoy plundered the town. In 1704, it became definitely part of the House of Savoy.

With the diplomas of the 9th of August 1774 Vittorio Amedeo III declared it City, reconfirming this title already given to Moncalvo by the Duke of Mantova Carlo Gonzaga on the 23rd of March 1705.

The hamlets Castellino-San Vincenzo, Patro, Santa Maria, Gessi and Stazione pertain to the City of Moncalvo.

The coat of arms is silver and red (colors of the Monferrato). Above the shield a crown with twelve pearls (visible only seven), lined with a border on which is written Montiscalvi Civitatis; under the shield two twigs of laurel.

Visit the site of the Comune di Moncalvo for more information and download the flyers in the page downloads of this site!