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70esima Truffle Fair

Città di Moncalvo

Città di Moncalvo

What is our fair?

Abundance and promotion of a great area

An opportunity to share and promote our truffle heritage as well as our great city and region.

The Moncalvo Truffle Fair is a very important regional event that introduces locals and visitors to not just the Truffle Fair, but also the region in and around Moncalvo.  We hope that this experience will bring visitors back throughout the year to experience all that the region has to offer—great food, wonderful wine, and opportunities to hike, bike, and explore this historic region.

The Fair spotlights our rich history and cultural traditions.  During the two days of the Truffle Fair, visitors can enjoy our gastronomy and an abundance of traditions, culture, and history.

For more than 500 years, Moncalvo has had a “truffle scented history.”
The Fair promotes our food and wine heritage as well the traditions of our territory to visitors from around the world.

Monferrato: Full of history and traditions.  A past full of mystery and magic. It is a land covered with castles--the modest guardians of experiences that captivate, more than any fairy tale. Moreover, the beautiful landscape will astound you!

In this corner of paradise, Autumn seems to be the rich color palette of an eccentric painter with unexpected combinations and shades. This subtle spell brings backmany artists who arrived after an accidental visit. They have established themselves and discovered the beauty of the area evoked by an ambience full of ancient emotions.

The Moncalvo Truffle Fairdemonstrates typical traditions, emphasizes the cultural importance of the Fair, promotes the creativity of local artists, and spotlights local exhibitors promoting all that the region has to offer.

The autumn face of the hills and their magic…
The vineyard rows with their black, twisted stocks meandering in a harmonious way…
A play of shadow and light among the red, somewhat crumpled leaves and the swollen bunches…
The smell of must and of soil…
The magic of the truffle that grows silently to surprise us with wonderfulsensations…

This is Moncalvo in October—with its bell towers, history and…Truffle Fair.
Come! Experience age old traditions, enjoy our local food and wine culture, and then plan your next trip back!